The Project List

The project list shows all of the Pruvan Projects assigned to you in your Pruvan Account.

Project Listing

Tap on a listing to go to that project's Details page where you can begin work.

  • Project Number:  This is listed on the 1st line in bold green
  • Field Status:  The field status of your project:
    • In Process - Photos have been taken on the project
    • New - The project is new to the Project List
    • Viewed - The project has been opened in Pruvan Mobile
    • Updated - Details for the project have been changed since it was last viewed
    • Completed - The project has been marked complete
  • Address:  Address listed for the project
  • Tasks:  The Tasks that are listed under the project
  • Due Date:  The Due Date of the project
    • This text will be red if the project is past due
  • Start Date:  The Start Date of the project
    • Projects with a future Start Date will be in the special Upcoming category


Listings are categorized by Status, in the Status header is the number of projects in that category.  Projects are then sorted by Field Status and Due Date.

Category Order

  • Rework
  • Rush
  • Assigned
  • Complete
  • Upcoming

Project Order

  • In Process
  • Updated
  • New / Viewed
  • Completed

For each Field Status, projects are then sorted by Due Date, ascending.  That is, past due projects first and the farthest due date last.


  • Search:  The search button (Android) and the search bar (iOS) will allow you to type in a project number, address, or task name to filter your project list
  • Upload Manager (Android only):  The gallery button will take you to the Upload Manager where you can see the upload status of all your photos and launch the Photo Gallery
  • Refresh:  This will refresh your project list from our server
  • All / Todo (Hide / Show Completed):  This will show / hide the Completed project category from your Project List
  • + (Plus Button):  Create a new project from Pruvan Mobile




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