Pruvan Mobile v3.11



The pre-release will begin Wednesday, June 18th 2014.  If you are on the pre-release list you will receive a notice.  If you are interested in being a part of the pre-release group for either Android or iOS, please contact Support at

General Release

The general release will follow, near the beginning of July, provided that the Beta goes well.


New Features


  • You can now add annotations to your photos directly from the photo viewer
  • The original and edited photo will both upload to the server
  • All annotations are in a red, paintbrush style
  • There is an 'undo' option to erase mistakes
  • You can now add notes to a photo, after it's been taken, from the photo viewer

and_gallery.jpg  and_edit.jpg  ios_gallery.jpg  iOS_edit.jpg


  • The status will turn red and say "(started)" on any project that has photos taken on it, until it is marked complete
  • Projects in the project list will be sorted by status, then by due date.  Projects that have photos taken on them will be at the top and completed projects will be at the bottom.
  • There is an option now to hide completed work orders so they are no longer in view

and_hidecomp.jpg  and_showcomp.jpg  and_wip.jpg  

ios_allcomp.jpg  ios_todocomp.jpg  ios_wip.jpg

GPS Indicator

  • The Camera's GPS indicator is now visible in the Project Details screen to assist in finding the correct location

and_gps.jpg  ios_prjdetails.jpg


  • The icon to get to the Uploads screen has changed!  It is now the Gallery icon


  • You now have the ability to delete photos directly from the Photo Viewer


  • The Submit Survey button has been changed to be more visible


  • The Camera Settings have changed!
  • There is now an option to set the exposure level for the camera; if your camera supports this ability
  • The Self Timer is now under the settings icon
  • You can change the timestamp, resolution, and orientation directly from the settings menu

and_photoSetting.jpg  and_whtbalance.jpg  and_wbSlider.jpg


  • Photo Validation errors that are caused by networking disruptions will now recover faster
  • There are new options available under Settings > Options
    • You can set refresh interval to suit your needs
    • You can have Survey results exported to a CSV file
      • This can be one file per survey (A) or one file per template with every survey loaded as an individual row (B)
      • To set (A), go to Settings > Options and check 'Export Survey Answers to CSV'
        • These will save to a Survey directory at the File Type folder sublevel
      • To set (B), set the above for (A) and additionally check 'Collect Survey Answers'
        • These will save to a Survey directory in your main Pruvan download location (when you click Browse Photos)
    • Save Metadata has been moved to Options from the download location menu
  • Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

dl_settings.jpg  dl_options.jpg  


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