Apple iOS Geocoding Failures

Currently Address lookups on Apple devices are failing.  This will NOT affect the GPS geotagging on your photos.  The failure has to do with getting the coordinates of the project address back from Apple for certification.  Go ahead and continue to take photos as you normally would.  The address geocoding will be performed by our servers when the photos are published, so you will get a valid CSR for those projects.

The error that users are currently seeing appears when a project is selected from the project list.  It will state:  "Error:  The location of this address could not be determined.  Your photos will not be certified."

Again, they will be certified at the server level on publish, assuming that the photos were in fact taken at the correct address and that the address is normally locatable (can be found on a Google Maps search).

Photos will continue to be geo-tagged, this does not effect the device getting your GPS location.


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