Pruvan Online v3.12

New Features

Mobile Check-In with Aspen Grove Solutions support

  • Send check-in requirements in your API work order call
  • Field Crew can check in on their device for each project
  • Supports check-in photos
  • Relay check-in data to AGS
  • Read about how to use the AGS integration
    • **Requires Pruvan Mobile v3.12 for mobile check-in

Improved Survey Management

  • Surveys can now be generated that contain archived photos
  • Survey templates that are no longer needed can be archived
  • Archived survey templates can be revised to be brought back

Reports and Survey PDF Improvements

  • The layout has been cleaned up on both report formats

Project Management Improvements

  • Copy rows directly from the project management list
    • Just select and press ctrl-c to copy data to your clipboard
    • Paste in to Excel or another spreadsheet program
  • Search by 'assigned'
    • When you 'Search by Status' for 'assigned' it will no longer also show 'unassgned'
  • Delete any existing jobs as part of an Import from File
    • When you Import from File you will have the option to delete any projects in Project Management that are not updated or created from your current import

Bug fixes and Performance Improvements

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