How do I Re-Publish Photos?


Publishing photos, or other items, is how you send photos from Pruvan Online to another service such as the Pruvan Downloader or a Client Integration.  Sometimes you may need to send those items again, or send them to a different place then they originally went to.  For those instances you can re-publish photos per the instructions below.  For items that failed to relay to an integration, retry them using the Usage Report instead.

How to Re-Publish Photos

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click Results
  3. Find the Project that you want to re-publish photos from
  4. Click the Project Number
  5. Select the photos that need to be republished using one of these methods:
    • Select Individual Photos - Hold down the Ctrl (or Cmd) key and click the photos
    • Select a Range of Photos - Click on the first photo, press and hold the Shift key, then select the last photo in the range to select all in between the two
    • Select All - Click the Select All button in the sub menu
  6. Click Publish Selected To
  7. Select where you want to send the photos:  The Pruvan Downloader, a Client Integration, or Both


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