How Do I Find the Device ID that Took this Photo?

Pruvan Downloader

Unactivated Device

  • Open the text file that downloads instead of the photo
  • The DeviceID will be listed in single quotes just after Device

Photo is Downloaded

  • Make sure you have Save Metadata checked under Settings > Download Folder
    • If it's not checked go here:  How do I get JSONs for projects that have already downloaded?
  • Go to the folder with the photo in question
  • Note the file name of the photo
  • Open the JSON folder
  • Find the .json with the same filename and open it in Notepad
  • Copy all of the text
  • Go to
  • Paste the text
  • Press Ctrl-F and search for 'deviceid'
  • There is the DeviceID for that photo

Pruvan Online

  • Log in to
  • Go to the Photos (or Find Photos) tab
  • Locate the project with the desired photo
  • Click on the ProjectID
  • Find the photo
  • Click the green + to the right of the photo
  • The DeviceID is located under the Identity section

Pruvan Mobile


  • Open the Pruvan Mobile app
  • From the log in screen, tap the ? icon in the upper right
  • The DeviceID is at the top of the screen


  • Open the Pruvan Mobile app
  • From the log in screen, tap the Gears icon in the upper left
  • The DeviceID is at the top of the screen


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