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Why aren't my Photos showing up in my work provider's system?

There are a few reasons the photos may not have been pushed to your work provider's system.

The photos might not be uploaded yet

  • From Pruvan Mobile - go to the Uploads screen and verify the photos are marked as 'successful'
  • From Pruvan Online - go to the Photos tab and see if the photos are present for the right project

The photos might not be published yet

  • From Pruvan Mobile - open the correct project and tap the green Publish button
  • From Pruvan Online - from the Photos tab, click on Publish All next to the correct project

The sync may not have had enough time to finish

  • Wait a few minutes after the photos have been published for them to show up in your work provider's system
  • On the Project Details tab (Pruvan Online), the status of the photos will change from Processing to Published

The relay may have an error

  • On the Project Details tab (Pruvan Online), the status of the photos will say 'Error: ...'
  • The error will describe the problem with the relay
  • Once the issue is resolved, republish the photos

The project may not be an Integrated project

  • The project your photos are taken on has to be one imported from your work provider over an integration
  • Go to Pruvan Online, Project Management, then Client Project Import
  • Locate the Client Code
  • Go to the Photos tab
  • Find the project the photos are part of
  • Verify that the ProjectID starts with the ClientID followed by '::'

The Client Integration may not be correctly set up

  • On Pruvan Online, go to Projects, then Client Project Import
  • Double click on the appropriate Client Code
  • Make sure that the username and password is still valid
    • Click on Validate
    • Verify that Completed Successfully appears under the Name field

The device that took the photos may not be activated

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