Notice: Issue Upgrading to Pruvan Mobile - iOS v3.11.1

Urgent Issue with iOS upgrade of Pruvan Mobile (Apple products only)

An issue has been identified when upgrading Pruvan Mobile from iOS 3.10.1 to iOS 3.11.1.  This can causes undefined behavior that may cause app to crash.  This can be solved by following these steps.  As always: Do not delete and re-install the Pruvan Mobile app with pending photos as this will delete any pending photos that have not transferred to  

Does this affect me?

If you upgraded to Pruvan Mobile 3.11.1 on your Apple device you could be affected.  After upgrading If you experience issues with uploads failing, no photos in the upload log, -1 or 5 million uploads pending, or the app will not load then you are affected.

Step 1: Export pending Pruvan photos in upload log

If you can open Pruvan Mobile and pending photos are visible in Upload Log, you can export photos to camera roll on Apple Device.  On your device running Pruvan Mobile 3.11.1 navigate to the Login Screen>Upload Log>Export to Camera Roll.

Step 2: Export Pruvan photos you have taken that are not in upload log

If photos are not visible in Upload Log, or the app cannot be opened, use iTunes to retrieve photos that have not transferred from the device:  Retrieve Photos using iTunes  Do not delete and re-install the Pruvan Mobile app as this will delete any pending photos that have not transferred to 

Step 3: Delete Pruvan Mobile app, and Re-install.

After you have made sure your photos that were "pending upload" have transferred to or are safely backed up, delete the Pruvan Mobile app (long press the Pruvan icon then click X) then re-install the Pruvan Mobile app for iOS/iPhone using the Apple Store.  When in the App Store on your device search for "Pruvan" under iPhone apps. 

I need to keep working in the field, I want to fix this latter.

If you need to continue working, and wish to recover photos from iTunes later, use the iOS camera that came with your Apple device (point/shoot mode).

If you have recovered your photos or all photos have transferred to, you can delete Pruvan Mobile, reboot the device, then and re-install the Pruvan Mobile iOS 3.11.1 app from the Apple Store (see Step 1-3 above).

Why did this happen?

A data migration issue occurred when upgrading from iOS version 3.10.1 to iOS version 3.11.1.  Apple limits the amount of time an app has to load and is killing the app before the upgrade can complete for users with a large database of photos (1000+).  This is resolved by re-installing the iOS 3.11.1 version after pending photos have been safely recovered.

What do I do with the exported photos that are not on

You will need to manually transfer these photos to your work provider, as you would with point/shoot camera photos.

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