Login Overview

The login screen is your landing site for Pruvan Mobile.  Here you can log in / out of your Pruvan Account, access the app's settings, and check the status of your uploads.  Choose your platform below and use the letters on the screenshot to identify what each area of the screen does from the legend below.



Support Settings Version Username Password Logout / Login Quick Login Toggle Pending Uploads Uploads Toggle Upload Manager Project List


Settings Image Gallery Username Password Quick Login Toggle Login / Logout Pending Uploads Upload Manager Upload Toggle Project List Version

A - Support

(Android Only) This will take you to the Request Support page. If you have any questions or concerns about your Pruvan mobile app you can submit a support request with a brief description of what your question or concern is. This will be sent directly to the Pruvan Support Team and they will be able to address those concerns or questions. (iOS - Available under Settings)

B - Settings

This is the Settings button. You can go into settings and change your upload options, turn the timestamp on or off, change the photos resolution and more.

C - Username

Your Username is the username you created with your account or is the username that was given to you by your account holder.  To lookup your username, go to Pruvan Online and click the Forgot Username link.  If your email address is not associated with your username then you'll have to get it from your account owner.

D - Password

The password for your Pruvan login. You will have either created it online when you created your account or it will have been given to you by your account holder.  To lookup your password, go to Pruvan Online and click the Forgot Password link.  If your email address is not associated with your username then you'll have to get it from your account owner.

E - Version

The Version Number will let you know what version of the app that you are running. We recommend that you keep your app updated at all times to ensure that you have the ability to use any new features that Pruvan has released, as well as any performance changes that have been made. You can always check for new updates in the App or Play Stores.

F - Pending Uploads

This will let you know if you have any photos that still need to be transferred to the Pruvan server. When no uploads are pending then all of the photos that you have taken with Pruvan Mobile have successfully transferred.  When you see a number of photos pending then not all of the photos have made it to Pruvan Online. To find out why your photos are not transferring go to the Upload Manager.

G - Uploads Toggle

The Uploads toggle allows you to turn your uploads on and off. If you are in a bad cell area you may want to turn uploads off to save on battery life, but remember to turn it back on as soon as you get into good cell coverage so that your photos will upload to Pruvan Online.

H - Choose Projects

Choose Projects will take you to your project list.

I - Photo Gallery

(iOS Only) This is the Pruvan Mobile Photo Gallery, here you can view all of your photos taken with Pruvan that are on your device.  iPhone photos are stored in the app and not on external memory.  (Android - Tap on photos in the Upload Manager to access the Gallery)

J -Upload Manager

The Blue Arrow (iOS) or Gallery (Android) will take you to the Upload Manager where you can view the upload status of your pictures.

K - Quick Login Toggle

The Quick Login toggle will let you set a 4-digit PIN to use instead of your password when your account has a login-timeout set on it.

L - Login / Logout

The Logout button will log you out of Pruvan Mobile.  Your photos that are already queued will still upload to the correct account even when you're logged out.  This is also the Login button when you are not logged in.  How to Login / Logout.

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