The Pruvan Mobile Settings page lets you set the default options for your device.  Photo options can be changed from within the Pruvan Camera as well.

Setting Descriptions

Device ID / Nickname (iPhone Only)

  • Device ID:  This is the ID for this specific device
  • Device Nickname:  A nickname you can enter, useful for identifying the device quickly in a list

Help (iPhone Only)

Preferred Contact Information (iPhone Only)

  • Email: Enter the best email address for Pruvan Customer Care to use to respond to your support requests
  • Phone: Enter the best phone number for Pruvan Customer Care to use to respond to your support requests

Upload Options

  • Upload Photos:  Turns uploads on and off
  • WiFi Only:  When On, will only upload over a WiFi connection
    • Project list downloads, etc can still be processed over cellular while this is on
  • Charging Only:  When On, will only upload when the device is actively charging
  • Reminders:  (iPhone Only) When On, a notification will be displayed if you exit the app with uploads pending

Photo Options

  • Timestamp on Photo:  Set the time stamp on the photo to either time/date, time only, date only, or off
    • Photo date / time stamps are always stored in the photo information, this just changes the display
  • Photo Resolution / Size:  Change the resolution of your photos
    • Resolution selection is based on the capability of your device hardware
    • Larger resolutions are clearer but take up more space and system resources
  • Camera Orientation:  Lock the camera viewfinder to portrait / landscape or set to auto
    • This will lock the camera, so if you hold the phone in portrait while locked to landscape you will have a portrait photo laying on it's side

Other / Project Options

  • Auto Relay:  Select Downloader to have photos from Ad-hoc projects (deprecated) auto-relay to the Downloader
  • Text to Speech:  (Android Only) Sounds a voice alert when photos taken will be non-certified
    • ie:  the GPS indicator is not green, based on time settings and GPS location proximity
  • Disable Camera Notification Bar:  (Android Only) Corrects a problem where the camera preview shows only a black screen
  • Nickname for this Device:  (Android Only) A nickname you can enter, useful for identifying the device quickly in a list
  • Preferred Email:  (Android Only)  Set the email address which you want listed on your support requests
  • Disable Notifications:  (Android Only) Turns off notifications of project assignment and update
    • Does not remove the persistent notification that's in the notification drawer while the app is running 

Storage Management

  • Keep Finished Uploads From (Android) / Photo Retention Period (iOS):  Select how long after a photo is taken that it remains in your device's storage.
  • Finished Upload Limit (Android) / Photo Limit (iOS):  Select a maximum number of photos for your device to keep in storage.

Only photos that have successfully uploaded count towards these limits.  Pruvan never automatically deletes any photos that have not been uploaded.  Any photos over these limits will be automatically deleted; oldest first.  The retention period takes precedence over the photo count limit.  The defaults are 5 days old and 5000 photos.  This means, using the default settings, that if you take 6000 photos in a day then those photos would not be purged until after 5 days; even though there is more than 5000 photos on the device.  The retention period should never be set to shorter than 1 day.  If survey photos are removed from the device before the survey is submitted than your photo requirements will be incorrect and you won't be able to submit the survey.

Survey Options (iPhone Only)

  • Purge All Survey Templates:  Deletes all of the survey templates off of your device
    • Refresh Project List to download survey templates needed for active projects

Device Workarounds (Android Only)

  • Resolution Override:  Enabling this may resolve issues with the camera freezing (locking up) after the shutter is pressed.  Instead of taking a picture at the set resolution, it will take a full resolution photo and then downscale the image to the correct resolution.  This is useful for buggy camera drivers that have an issue taking the picture at the specified resolution.  Most common on the Motorola Droid Turbo 2.
  • Reset Camera After Capture:  This may help some devices that freeze (lock up) when taking a photo.  You may see a 'Take Picture Failed' message.  Try turning on this option if you experience this.  It will reset your camera after every photo to try and keep it from freezing.
  • Disable Zero Shutter Lag:  If you're having freezing issues or your photos are abnormally over-exposed (white-washed) then try enabling this.
  • Alternative Flashlight:  Enabling this fixes problems with some camera drivers not handling the flashlight correctly.  If you try to take pictures with the flashlight enabled and it goes out, then enable this option.  You will see the flashlight flicker after taking pictures; this is normal with the option enabled.
  • Use Legacy Camera: Enabling this will use the old Pruvan camera from version 3.18. Use this only if you are having trouble using the camera after updating to a new version of Pruvan Mobile. This legacy camera is no longer supported and will not see future updates. 
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