How to Safely Delete Photos from Pruvan Mobile

How to Clean Up Photos from the Pruvan App

Pruvan recommends that you do all of your mobile photo management in the Pruvan app.  Pruvan will not delete photos pending upload, only photos that have transferred to Pruvan Online.  You can view, or download a ZIP file of, your Pruvan photos by going to Pruvan Online and logging in with the username you took the photos with.  Photos are stored and managed differently on the Android and iPhone so make sure to read the correct instructions for your device.


Pruvan stores all Pruvan Mobile photos in your external memory (SD Card).  DO NOT DELETE PHOTOS DIRECTLY FROM YOUR DEVICE.  If photos are deleted from your external memory that have not uploaded to Pruvan Online then the photos will be lost.

  1. Open Pruvan Mobile
  2. Tap the Gallery icon
  3. Tap Clean Up



The Pruvan app on the iPhone stores all of the photos in app storage.  To access these photos outside of Pruvan you need to first Export them to your camera roll, or access them through iTunes on a PC.  Like any other iOS app, if you delete the app it will delete all app data, including your photos.

  1. Open Pruvan Mobile
  2. Tap the Blue Arrow icon
  3. Tap Clean Up
  4. Tap Yes, Free Up Space


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