Number of Registered Devices Error

Error: You Have Exceeded the Number of Registered Devices for your Account

The Pruvan Downloader can only run on two different computers at the same time. You can always move the Pruvan Downloader to another computer.  Any photos that have already been downloaded on the old computer will not move with the Pruvan Downloader automatically, but you are free to move them manually.

Need More than 2 Installs?

More Devices = More Downloader Installs

For every 25 devices you purchase you will receive an extra Downloader install.  ie 25 devices = 3 installs, 100 devices = 6 installs, etc.  Once your subscription is updated the change will take effect automatically.

Network Drive

Setting the Downloader path to a shared network drive or server will allow everyone with access to the drive to use the files within it.  Consult your network IT team for more information.

3rd Party File Sharing

An alternative is to use your account with a file sharing system to replicate your photos on to multiple computers.  These services are provided by Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, and more.  These services typically have a desktop syncing app that creates a special folder on your hard drive that automatically syncs items in it to their cloud.  By having that account signed in to all of your computers and setting the Downloader path to that folder you will be able to have all of your computers update from a single Downloader installation.

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