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How To Manage Devices

Admin and Staff users can manage active devices on the Device Management page.  Any device that is logged in to Pruvan Mobile with a username from your account will automatically be activated on this page, provided there is an available device slot in your subscription.



  • Device :  This is the phone number or of the device or a device ID (if a phone number is not available)
    • Android:  The device ID can be found by tapping the '?' from the login screen
    • iOS:  The device ID can be found by tapping the Settings (gear) icon from the login screen
  • Nickname:  This is entered on the device, by the user, to facilitate easy identification of devices in the list
    • Be sure that your crew understands this and to differentiate nicknames between devices
    • For instance, if Jason has 2 phones that he uses it doesn't do a lot of good for them to both be nicknamed 'Jason's Phone'
    • Good nicknames identify the owner and device, such as 'Jason SGS3', 'Jason MotoX', or even 'Jason New S3' for a replacement
  • Serial Number : This is the code that our system uses to recognize each device to determine if the device is active
  • User:  Shows the username that was last logged in to the device
  • Last Login:  This is the last date that a sign in was used on that device with a username from your account
    • This is NOT the 'last use' date, a user can remain signed in to the app for an extended period of time without ever logging out
  • Created:  This is the date the device was first added to your account
  • Deactivation Date :  This is the date that the device was deactivated.
    • Devices can be manually deactivated by removing the checkmark next to the device
    • They can be auto deactivated by our system if the Device Subscription expires and devices are still activated on the account.
  • Reactivation Date : This field will be populated when a Device ID is manually deactivated
    • This date is letting you know when you are able to reactivate the device without paying the $10 reactivation fee.
    • All manually deactivated devices will have a 10 day waiting period before they can be reactivated. If the device needs to be activated within 10 days, a $10 reactivation fee will be applied to your account
  • Activated:  A check in this box means that photos taken with the phone will be able to be retrieved and that it is using one of your device slots
    • Deactivated devices can still be used, but those photos will not be available for download
    • Once a device is deactivated it will be in a lock-down state for 10 days in which you will not be able to reactivate it
    • The lock-down can be waived for a $10 charge to your account
    • Any special circumstance requests to have a device removed from lock-down can be handled by the Support team

Managing Devices

  • Devices are Checked for activation:
    • When downloading items using the Pruvan Downloader or Pruvan Online
    • When logging in on a device
    • When sending items to an integration
  • Devices will be automatically activated if a device slot is available on the subscription when an event listed above occurs.  One exception exists, any device that was manually deactivated will not auto activate.  You will have to manually reactivate the device to publish photos taken by it.
  • Each activation, deactivation, and the reason (up to 10 of the most recent events) will appear in the device history column. Hover the pointer over that column to see the list of events. The reasons will be listed as:
    • Auto-activated: item accessed by <user name>: An item was downloaded that was linked to this device.
    • Auto-registered: item access by <user name>: A previously deactivated device was re-created. If auto-activation succeeds, (auto-activated) will appear on the history line.
    • Registered by <user name>: mobile login: A new device was registered by a mobile login.
      • <user name> will be "integration" if the access was performed automatically by an integration.
    • Manually Activated by <user name>: The activated box was checked on the devices page.
    • Manually Deactivated by <user name>: The activated box un-checked on the devices page, and the $10 reactivation notice was acknowledged.
    • Auto-deactivated: subscription reduced by <user name>: There are more activated devices than the current subscription allows, and this device was one of the least recently used ones.

Each item is linked to a device. Even if that device isn't being used anymore to upload new items, any old items should be downloaded or published before deactivating it. The deactivation will prevent any further integration activity or downloads. When switching devices, it's a good idea to keep the old one activated until you're sure all the items have reached their destinations (Published for integrations, or the files were downloaded).

Items can always be viewed on Pruvan Online free of charge, even if the device that took them is not activated anymore.

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