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Subscriptions Overview


The Subscriptions page, under the Account menu, has your account information as well as your current subscription status.  This page is where you can update your billing information and how many devices you're paying for.  This is only usable by Admin users.

Subscription Details

  • Username:  This is the master log in username for your account
  • Billing Email:  The email address on file for invoice delivery, it is different from your Account email address
  • Member Since:  The date and time when your account was opened
  • Device Usage:  Shows how many activated devices you have, and how many slots you have available for additional devices
  • The Manage Account button opens up a window to take you to our billing system


This shows you the subscription plans that are available. There are 2 plans available; the Pruvan Direct Device Plan and the Pruvan Usage Based Subscription.  You may only have one plan active at a time.

  • Plan: This is the plan name
  • Description: This is a description of the plan
  • Price: How much a subscription to the plan costs
  • Qty:  How many subscriptions you have for this plan
  • Devices: How many devices your subscription to this plan allows you to use
  • Action: Allows you to create or edit a subscription for this plan

Pruvan Direct Device Plan

This plan lets you take an unlimited number of photos per active device for each billing period. You may set the number of devices you wish to pay for in the Quantity field of the subscription.  

Device Activation and Swapping Devices

An active device is a device, such as an iPhone, that is running Pruvan Mobile and is using a device subscription slot.  Active devices are managed on the Device Management page.  Photos taken on non-activated devices will not be available for download or relay over an integration.  You can switch your active device by deactivating your current device and activating a new on in it's stead.  In case you upgrade or replace your current device.  Any device that is deactivated will be locked for 10 days.  This lock means that you will not be able to activate the device again.  If needed you may pay a $10 charge to unlock and activate a device.  


Discounts are available for 5+ and 25+ device subscriptions.  5 or more devices gives you a 20% discount ($28 per device).  25 or more devices gives you a 40% discount ($21 per device).

Pruvan Usage Based Subscription

With this plan you only pay for what you use.  There is no device management hassle.  You will be charged $2 per work order on a weekly basis.  There are some limits however, a project is limited to 5000 photos, 25 tasks, and constrained to a work week.  Charges are always calculated on a full work week.  A work week for this plan is Monday - Sunday CST/ CDT.  Charges for the week will be calculated and added to your account every Monday morning.  You can see all of your pending charges on the subscriptions page.  You will be billed monthly, starting 30 days from your subscription date.

New Subscriptions and Pending Charges

When you subscribe to the Pruvan Usage Based plan you may see a charge appear in your pending charges list.  Since usage is always calculated on the full work week that initial charge is for any photos you have taken from Monday morning at midnight until midnight of the morning you subscribed.  On the following Monday morning you will see the usage added for the rest of the work week, and you'll get weekly updates every Monday from then on.  Pending charges are shown by work week and by integration.

Example:  Take photos on 2 non-integration projects, 4 projects for an MCS integration, and 6 projects for a PPW integration you will see the following pending charges that Monday.

Date Description Qty Unit Price Sub Total
02-20-2017 Usage from 2017-02-13 to 2017-02-19: Standard Project 2 $2.00 $4.00
02-20-2017 Usage from 2017-02-13 to 2017-02-19: Mortgage Contracting Services (Enhanced) (MCS) 4 $2.00 $8.00
02-20-2017 Usage from 2017-02-13 to 2017-02-19: Property Preservation Wizard APIv2 (PPW) 6 $2.00 $12.00

Changing Plans

When changing from a Device plan to a Usage plan your usage charge will be calculated from the time you cancel your Device plan to the time you sign up for Usage billing, to a maximum period of 2 work weeks.

Example:  You cancel your device plan on Feb 1, 2017 (Wed) and subscribe to usage billing on Feb 4, 2017 (Sat).  You will be charged for usage from Feb 2 through Feb 3 on subscription and Feb 4 - Feb 5 per normal on Monday.  The initial charge only goes back to your last active subscription.

Example:  You cancel your device plan on Nov 13, 2016 and subscribe to usage billing on Feb 4, 2017.  You will be charged for usage from Jan 23, 2017 (Mon) through Feb 3 on subscription and Feb 4 - Feb 5 per normal on Monday.  The initial charge caps out at 2 work weeks and only goes back to the 23rd.

Project Limits

Example:  You take 2600 photos on 4 different tasks for project number 551234 over the course of 2 days (tue-wed) and 3 devices then you will only be charged $2.  

  • Photo Limit - If you were to take 5600 photos in that example you would be charged $4 since there's a 5000 photo limit.  
  • Task Limit - If you were to take those 2600 photos over 40 tasks on that same project, then you would also be charged $4 since there's a 25 task limit.  
  • Crossing the work week - If you were to take those 2600 photos on Sun and Mon then you would be charged $4 since the charges are calculated as of Midnight Monday morning.
  • Different Project Numbers - Projects are tracked by the project number.  So any time you take photos on a different project you will rack up another $2 charge.  If you took the photos in the example and then took 2 photos on project number 551234-1 then you would be charged $4 since you took photos on 2 different projects.

Special Pricing Available

Integrations may have special pricing or rules available to them.  For example: 


Currently, Cyprexx has a discounted Usage price of $1.00, instead of $2.00.

Also, the Cyprexx integration Usage charges are based on Project Address instead of Project Number.  

Note: The full address; address 1, address 2, city, state, zip, and country, must be exactly the same. Therefore, if the Address 2 line is different, "Unit #1" as opposed to "Unit #2", then it will count as 2 different projects.  The 5000 photo, 25 task, and work week limits still apply as normal.

Example:  You take 350 photos on 3 tasks for project number CPX::1234567_-_Sales_Clean and 450 photos on 2 tasks for project number CPX::1234567_-_Exterior_Maintenance on the same day, and both of those projects have matching addresses.  You will only be charged $1 because they have the same address, you did not take more than 5000 photos, you did not take photos on more than 25 tasks, and the photos were taken in the same work week.

Manage Account

The Manage Account button brings up the billing system in a new window.  Inside the billing system, clicking on your username in the upper right will bring you back to the main billing page.  There are 3 basic sections in this window; Billing InformationSubscriptions, and Invoices.

  • Billing Information:  This displays your current details used for billing; there is an Update button to change any out-dated information here
  • Subscription:  There is a subscription panel for each subscription that has been active on your account.  You can Cancel active subscriptions or Reactivate cancelled subscriptions.
  • Invoices:  A list of all of your Pruvan Invoices; you can click the invoice number or the details link to view the invoice
    • PDF versions of the invoices are available by opening the desired invoice and clicking View PDF in the lower right

How to Use the Subscriptions page

See these articles for steps on how to perform different actions:

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