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User Management



The Users account page lets you manage the sub users on your Pruvan Account.  User logins are used to control what access different individuals have to your account information and are also used for project assignment.  The following fields are available for user setup:

  • Username*
  • Password*
  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Role*
  • Check In Number

* These fields are required for all users

User Access Control

To revoke access to your account by one of your users it is best to delete their user record entirely.  In the event that you need to keep the username and just revoke access, then you can do so by changing their password.  In addition, you must also delete their email address to prevent them from resetting their password.

Once you revoke access, users that are currently logged in will still have access until:

  • Pruvan Online - Users logged in to Pruvan Online will be logged out 24 hrs after their last login
  • Pruvan Mobile - Users will be logged out hourly

Role Definitions

A role determines what level of access a sub-user has in your account.  These are the default roles available:

  • Admin - Full account access; photos, projects, integrations, account, and billing
  • Staff - Full access to photos and projects, while access to account features limited to users and devices
  • Crew - Limited access to projects and photos.  Can only see projects assigned to them and photos of projects that they have taken photos on.  Are able to add additional tasks to projects.
  • Restricted Crew - Same as Crew, but not able to make changes to projects or tasks.
  • Subcontractor - Similar to Restricted Crew, but with the added ability to create lines on projects and view lines that they have created

Click here to learn how to edit your account Roles

Managing Users

See these articles for steps on how to manage your users:

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