How To Manage your Profile

The profile page allows you to edit information about the user that you are logged in with. For the master user on the account it also lets you set some account level options.

Access your Profile

  1. Log in to your Pruvan Account
  2. Click on Account
  3. Select Edit Profile


Master User

The master account is the original user set up in Pruvan.  This user has the below options as well as all listed under Regular Users.

  1. Set Profile Options to change how the Pruvan Mobile app looks and acts
  2. Update your Email Address
  3. Enter your Support Email address
    • You will receive copies of all support requests sent to Pruvan Support from Pruvan Mobile and Pruvan Downloader
    • Check the Send Alerts to Support Email box to receive copies of your Alerts as well
  4. Enable Freshbooks integration for Invoicing; learn more here.


Regular Users

  1. Reset your Password
  2. Update your First and Last Name
  3. Update your default Check In Number
    • This will be automatically listed in your Check In screen when logged in as this user in Pruvan Mobile

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