Manage Photo Organization and Download Folders

The Pruvan Downloader will organize all of your photos based on how you configure the Sub-folder tree.


The sub-folder tree determines how photos are sorted in your main Pruvan Downloader path folder.  At each level in the tree photos are sorted in to folders based on the criteria for that branch of the tree.

Level Types

  • Address 1 - The street address, line 1
  • Address 2 - The street address, line 2
  • City
  • Client - The Client Code, for integrated projects
  • Date - The date the photo was taken / survey submitted
  • File Type - Picture, Survey, or CSR
  • Original File Extension - .jpg or .pdf
  • Phone Number - of the device that took the photo
  • Photo Type - Evidence Type (before, during, after)
  • Picture Source - mobile, web (upload)
  • Project - Project Number
  • Property - Full property address
  • State
  • Sub-user Account - Username that took the photo
  • Task - Task name
  • Vendor Account - Master username the sub-user belong's too (useful if you have more than one Pruvan Account set up in your Downloader)
  • Zip


From the Pruvan Path Folder to:

  • Folders by Address
  • Folders by Project Number
  • Folders by Task Name
  • Folders by Evidence Type
  • Evidence Type folder has photos inside

How to Change The Sub Folder Tree

Changing the folder tree will take affect immediately after saving.  This will only be applied to downloads going forward, it will NOT re-organize your previously downloaded photos.

  1. Open the Pruvan Downloader
  2. Click Settings
  3. Select Download Folder
  4. Check the Edit Sub-folders box
  5. Make changes to your tree
  6. Click Save

Change a Level Type

  1. Select the level to change
  2. Choose the new type

Remove a Level

  1. Select the level to remove
  2. Click Remove Selected Sub-Folder

Add a New Level

New levels can only be added to the bottom of the tree

  1. Click on the Photos level
  2. Select the new level type to add
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