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The Support page in Pruvan Mobile contains information about your app installation, such as a the app's log and settings, as well as a link to the Pruvan Support Center, and a way to request support from Pruvan Customer Care.

How to Request Support

Requesting support from Pruvan Mobile opens a ticket with Pruvan Customer Care, and provides them with information about the app's settings and the app's log to assist them in troubleshooting your issue.

  1. Open Pruvan Mobile
  2. Open the Help Settings
    • Android - Tap the ? icon
    • iOS - Tap the gear (settings) icon
  3. Tap Request Support
    • Android - If prompted, select an Email Address to use
    • iOS - Enter your contact info if the fields are blank
  4. Enter a description of the problem you are having
    • Include as much detail as possible
  5. Tap Send

Android Screenshots
iOS Screenshots





Pruvan Support Center (PSC)

The PSC is where you are now, it is the home of Pruvan's documentation and ticketing system.  Follow these steps to access the PSC from your device.  Requires an active internet connection.

  1. Open Pruvan Mobile
  2. Open the Help Settings
    • Android - Tap the ? icon
    • iOS - Tap the gear (settings) icon
  3. Tap Online Help

You will see a webview open and you will be taken to the Pruvan Mobile Support article.  This article has quick links to common Pruvan Mobile questions and troubleshooting, plus links to the full and quick start guides.

Pruvan Mobile Log

You can view the Pruvan Mobile's app log from the Request Support section of the app.  This log is sent with your support requests and shows information about how many uploads you have pending, failed, or succeeded, camera errors, and connectivity status.

  • Android: Open the Request Support form and tap 'Log'
  • iOS:  Open the Request Support form and scroll through the log window at the bottom of the screen
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