How to Set up an NVMS Integration


These are instructions for integrating NVMS orders into your own Pruvan Online account.

Please Note: You can always open a support ticket with Pruvan for assistance - just email   A trained Pruvan expert will assist with the setup of your integration to NVMS within 1 business day.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online and navigate to the Integrations page
  2. Under 'Connect to Your Work Provider!' - select NVMS from the dropdown
  3. For the Integration Type enter "NVMS"
  4. For the Integration Label enter "NVMS"
  5. Confirm that the Active field is 'Yes' and hit Next
  6. Enter the Username and Password you use when logging into the NVMS system in their respective fields
  7. Click the Validate button and if you get a green "Success" move to step 8 
    • If you get a red "error" then you will need to verify the credentials are correct and re-enter them 
  8. Hit the Next button
  9. On the "Default Assign To" field select your Pruvan username in the dropdown
  10. Hit the Save button
  11. Back on the Integration page - hit the 'Refresh' button to bring in any existing work orders








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