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Northsight FAQ

Q) How does Pruvan work?  

A) Pruvan provides customers with an online tool and mobile app to take photos in the field and get them back to various work providers.  

Q) What Pruvan Features are supported with Northsight?

A) The Northsight Management Integration supports the following Pruvan Features:

Feature Supported Notes
Importing Orders Yes Orders assigned and ready to dispatch to the field are pushed from Northsight to Pruvan Mobile. 
Free field Check-In Yes Northsight sets Check-In options based on work order/client.  
Relaying Mobile Form Results Yes Supported Forms and related photos, are relayed back to Northsight.  


Q) Why do I need to use Pruvan?

A) Pruvan is provided to Northsight vendors to rapidly get proof of performance from the field.  Pruvan streamlines the capture of field data and photos using mobile devices.    See for more information.


Q) How do I get work from Northsight?

A) Northsight is your work provider.  Your Northsight vendor coordinator will help you get setup to receive work into your Pruvan account.  If you want to be a new vendor for Northsight, please reach out to Northsight vendor management at


Q) Why can't I see my Northsight orders on Pruvan Mobile?

A) Troubleshooting

  1. Check with your vendor manager to make sure the work order has actually been "assigned" to your sub-user.
  2. If the work order has been assigned properly, make sure you are logged in with the correct username and password.
  3. Device must be connected to the internet to receive new work assignments.  If in doubt, login on test device to make sure assigned work appears on test device.  Field Staff will get an alert (if alerts are configured) and must "refresh" orders to see new or updated assignments.
  4. If Steps 1-3 have been performed, open a support ticket with Pruvan Support with enough information to help diagnose the issue. Let support know troubleshooting steps have been completed.
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