Information for VMS Grass Recut (Pre-Release Only)

Q) How do I get started?  

A) You must be invited by Altisource to use this integration.  VMO will send Pruvan information to setup your own Pruvan account to allow you to participate in this program.  If you have been invited, contact your vendor coordinator to check on status of your vendor setup process for VMO.  Once you are approved, Pruvan will assist setting up the "Altisource APIv2" integration in your Pruvan account.  

Q) What do I need to do after I am setup as a Altisource Vendor?

A) You will get a welcome email with instructions on how to get started from Pruvan.  The Pruvan support team will reach out and schedule a training event with you coordinated with the Altisource team.

Q) How does the VMS Grass Recut Integration work?

Please read this article to learn more about how the VMS Grass Recut integration works.

Q) How do I get paid?

A) Altisource pays you for work according your agreement with Altisource.  VMS may update the related job in the Pruvan Online (Portal) as Client Status = "paid" and Project Status = "closed" and/or notify you in other ways related payment for services you have rendered according to Altisource policies.   

Pruvan as a technology provider, has no information related to and is not responsible for payment or helping you get paid for any services that you provide to your customers, even if the Services provided by Pruvan do not perform to your expectations, have errors, or are unavailable.  See Pruvan terms of service ( for details. 

Q) Orders do not appear on my device, why?

A) You may not have any work, or your work has been reassigned.  If you know you have work, follow these steps to troubleshoot.

  1. Are orders from VMS waiting to be assigned in your Online Portal?  If so, learn how to assign work or default assign work here.
  2. If orders are not in your Online Portal, then contact VMO for information on how to get work assigned to you.
  3. If orders are assigned in your Online Portal, log-in on Mobile app to view assigned orders.  

Q) My order disappeared from my phone (device), why?

A) VMO may close or reassign your work which will remove the order from your device and from the active Project list in the Portal.  Be sure to search for "Closed" Projects/orders in the Portal to review work and related VMS status on completed or closed jobs.

Q) I can not find my photos.  Where are my photos?

A) Your device generates a "receipt" for each photo taken and the status of each item you collect. <READ MORE>.  Your device, if connected to the Internet, will send photos taken and submitted form results to your Pruvan Online account (Portal).  If Pruvan has attempted to send the results collected to VMS, the results will appear as "published" in the Portal.  If results are published, Pruvan has attempted to send results to VMS.  Any related publish errors that VMS reports are displayed in the Portal Alerts section.

You can always download your photos stored in your Pruvan Online (Portal) as a ZIP file and/or share results with your customer(s) using Pruvan Cloud Storage feature within your account.

If you still have trouble, read these articles to find photos <Link, Link>

Q) I did not get paid, why?

A) Contact Altisource for information related to payment for your services.  Pruvan can not help with these type of questions.

















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