Generate a Project Report

A Project Report is a PDF that contains general project information, a copy of the Project's most recent CSR, and thumbnails of all photos taken on that project.  The photos are organized by task and evidence type.

Project Report Details

  • General Information
    • Project Number
    • Total Number of Items - Pictures, Surveys, CSRs, Check Ins, etc.
    • Performed By - Name of last user that uploaded items to the project
    • Start - Time and date of the first item taken
    • End - Time and date of the last item taken
  • Address
  • Certified Service Record
    • A map of the surrounding area with pindrops for all item GPS locations
    • Project Information
    • Certification stats for each task
  • Photos - By Task and Evidence Type
    • Each contains the time and date the photo was taken, the username that took the photo, and the relay status of the photo (pending qa, published, failed)
  • Generated At..  - Time and date the report was created

How to Generate the Report

These steps will create a report for your project.  The report will have the status of Pending QA.  In order to send the report to a Client or Downloader it must be published.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Photos
  3. Locate the Project you want to generate a report for
  4. Click on the project number
  5. Click Generate Report

How to Publish a Report

If your project and account settings turn Auto Relay Off, you can publish your report after generation to send it to your Downloader and / or Client Integration.

  1. Navigate project where the report is located
  2. Click in the row that contains your report to select it
  3. Click Publish To
  4. Select an option
    • Downloader - Will only relay the report to your Downloader
    • Client - Will only relay the report to a Client Integration
    • Both - Will relay the report to both your Downloader and Client Integration
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