Pruvan Consulting Services Policy

These Consulting Services Policies are applicable for Implementation Services and/or Packaged Methods between Pruvan and our Customer.  These policies are subject to change without notice.    See also Pruvan Terms of Service located at


Acceptance Of Fixed Price Orders
We will provide you with any deliverable specified in your order, and at your request, we will demonstrate the functionality of the deliverable. You shall be responsible for any additional review and testing if applicable. If a submitted deliverable does not perform the functional requirements specified in the order, you will have five (5) calendar days after you receive the deliverable to give written notice specifying the deficiencies in reasonable detail.  We will use reasonable efforts to fix any such deficiencies.  After fixing the deficiencies, we will resubmit the deliverable for your review and testing on systems that Pruvan controls. At our request you will provide us with a written notice of acceptance for each deliverable.  If you fail to reject any deliverable within the five (5) calendar day period in the manner described above, such deliverable shall be deemed accepted.   Once a deliverable is accepted (or is deemed to be accepted), the fee specified in the order shall become due and payable.

Termination of Fixed Price Orders
You may give us written notice of your termination of your fixed price order at any time, for any reason, the effective date of termination shall be the end of the tenth business day after we receive written notice from you.  You shall pay the fees and expenses, as well as the cost of materials for which we became obligated in connection with your order through the effective date of termination.  The fees for incomplete services shall be invoiced on a time and material basis, at our standard time and material rates in effect when such services are performed.  You will use reasonable efforts to mitigate fees, expenses and costs in the event of a termination.


Rates and Payments
The services specified in the order shall be provided at our standard daily rates in effect when the services are performed.  Current rates are available from Pruvan Consulting Manager.  Our minimum rate is based on one half (1/2) hour.  All estimates related to your order, including the fee estimate, are intended only to be an estimate for your budgeting and our resource scheduling purposes; fee estimates do not include materials, expenses or taxes.  Once fees for services reach the fee estimate, we will cooperate with you to provide continuing services on a time and materials basis.

General Policies:

Your Obligations
You must provide facilities, equipment, access, assistance, cooperation, accurate information, and suitably configured computer products for the performance of our services.  If our cost of providing services is increased because of your failure to satisfy your obligations, or because of any other circumstance outside of our control, then you agree to pay us for such increased costs, which may include time during which our resources are under-utilized.

Project Management
Each party will designate a Project Manager, and they will work together to facilitate an efficient delivery of services.  

Change Orders
Any request for any change in services must be in writing; this includes requests for changes in project plans, scope, specifications, schedule, designs, requirements, or any other aspect of your order.  We shall not be obligated to perform tasks related to changes in services until we agree in writing to the proposed change.

Invoicing and Payment
All fees and expenses will be invoiced in U.S. dollars and may be charged to your credit card on file once services are ordered.  The fees specified in your order are based on the obligations provided in your order including these policies and the applicable statement of obligations, and any changes may affect our ability to provide services and will be considered a change in scope requiring a change order. 

Acceptance and Intellectual Property All consulting services (fixed fee or time/materials) provided by Pruvan must be accepted (or deemed accepted) weekly and will not be considered a work made for hire. 

Unless agreed to in writing under a specific "joint development agreement" between the parties that outlines ownership of resulting work product, any ideas or suggestions provided by you will be considered "Feedback" according to the Pruvan Terms of Service section 5.8.


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