How to Switch from a Pruvan Device Pack Plan to the New Pruvan Direct Device Plan

If you are still subscribe to one of our old Device Pack Plan we recommend that you move over to our new Direct Device Plan. This plan allows users to increase and decrease their subscription much easier than the Device Pack Plan. 

1) You will need to cancel the current Device Pack subscription.

  • Log into your Pruvan account online at
  • Click Account at the top of the page and then select Subscriptions from the dropdown
  • Once on the subscription page you will need to click the blue pencil icon in the Actions column
  • This will open up the Edit Subscription window and you will need to click Cancel at the bottom of the window
  • Click Yes to confirm the cancellation

2) Now you will need to set up the new Direct Device Plan

  • On the Subscriptions page you will need to click the blue plus button in the Actions column for the Pruvan Direct Device Plan
  • This will pull up the New Subscription window where you will need to enter the number of devices you would like to subscribe to
  • Enter you billing info and click Subscribe
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