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Definitions (see also Pruvan Terms of Service)

These terms are provided for reference only.  Refer to the current Pruvan Terms of Service or any Additional Terms between Pruvan and Client for the current definition.

  1. APIv2 specification: Also known as the Client API, this defines the requirements for web endpoints hosted by the Order Source.  The current specification is found at
  2. Client API: Allows Client to integrate their system(s) with any Pruvan account, or any third-party system compliant with Pruvan integration method APIv2.
  3. Client:  A company or organization that provides work to its Vendor network.  Client may also be referred to as “Work Provider.”
  4. Confidential Information: Information shared between the parties outside of the Pruvan Direct Service, under a separate written agreement, may be considered Confidential Information. 
  5. Content:  Content is classified as Protected Customer Information (PCI) defined by the current Pruvan Information Security Policy (ISP) made part of the current Pruvan System and Organization Controls (SOC) Report.  Content includes, but is not limited to, all information that Users may have access to as part of, or through use of the Services, that Users create by using the Services and that Users transmit using the Services (such as data files, device data, written text, addresses, geolocation data, audio files or other sounds, photographs, videos or other images).
  6. Field Check-In Support: Pruvan offers a generic framework to perform check-in onsite.  Pruvan also supports the Aspen Grove Check-In mobile requirements and is an approved mobile provider for orders requiring ABC# check-in, including Wells Fargo orders.
  7. Master-User:   A User with full administrative privileges to use Pruvan Direct features and the ability to create additional Sub-Users associated with and managed by the Master-User. When a Staff or Vendor signs up for a Pruvan Direct account, a Master-User is created with an associated unique username and password.  Each Pruvan Direct account has only one Master-User. The Master-User has all Sub-User privileges.
  8. Mobile Client: Pruvan Mobile, a Client branded mobile data collection app for popular smartphone devices (Android/iOS) to host Client mobile forms and capture field photos/videos.
  9. Mobile form generator: Solution for designing and managing a library of mobile and online web forms, referred to as Surveys.  Surveys incorporate certified photo and video capture capability.    The tool allows any business analyst, without programming experience, to define questions, incorporate sections of questions, configure skip logic to enable/disable questions and sections based on question answers.  The tool has numerous question types and provides the ability to validate answers based on previous answers sets, constrain quantity, price and photo capture count using min/max attributes.  Result is a Survey Definition file in JSON format that is a general definition of the Survey to be used by developers to create Survey dynamically and include in the work order definition file or as-is storing and using the Pruvan Survey library.   The Mobile form generator is also know as "Survey Builder", or "Work Flow Builder".
  10. Multi-Tier work assignment: Vendors can assign work to other Pruvan account owners, preserving Client data collection workflow and providing tamper-proof results across multiple tiers of the vendor supply chain.
  11. Named Integration:  A Client-specific integration available to Users that accept Order Data from, and send Content back to, Client business system(s).
  12. Offline Storage: Pruvan Downloader, a PC/desktop application to allow vendors to organize, backup and archive store field data collected.
  13. Order Data: Data that is entered or transferred into a Pruvan Direct account.  This is considered Protected Customer Information (PCI) per the Pruvan Data Classification policy.  This may include but is not limited to work order names or numbers, property address information, lock box codes or other access codes, work instructions, applicable identification numbers such as claim or loan number(s), due dates, start dates, and tasks to be performed. May also be referred to as an “Order,” “Work-Order-Feed,” “Work Order,” or “Project.”
  14. Order Source: A business system that is hosting the Validate, GetWorkOrders, Status and UploadPictures endpoints as defined in the APIv2 specification which is equivalent to an integration between two Pruvan accounts using Pruvan Share.
  15. Order Type:  This is a specific type of Project that results from a named integration that creates an Project in Pruvan based on Work Provider Data.
  16. Order/Data Pass-Thru: Allows vendors to use their own back office solutions without compromising the Client data collection workflow and maintains tamper-proof requirements.
  17. Privacy Policy:  All Users shall abide by the current Pruvan Privacy Policy, located at and any related terms under a separate written agreement.
  18. Project:  A planned undertaking entered into or received in a Vendor's Pruvan Online account that consists of, at a minimum, a single Task and a property address where the Task is to be performed.  A Project also typically contains a due date and other attributes that describe the Task(s) to be performed on due date by field worker.
  19. Pruvan Direct: A software solution provided as a service to provide photo management, electronic form management related to dispatching of Projects and Tasks to individuals who perform office or field-based data collection.  Pruvan Direct includes but is not limited to Pruvan Online, an online website to manage the Service; the Pruvan Mobile app or client, a mobile data collection application client compatible with supported Android and iOS devices, and the Pruvan Downloader a PC desktop application compatible with supported PC desktop operating systems to retrieve Content collected using the Service.  This Pruvan Direct service and related software programs documentation and support is collectively referred to as “Pruvan Direct,” “Pruvan Direct account,” “Service,” or “Services”.
  20. Pruvan Share: Allows two Pruvan accounts to be integrated, where one account is the owner of the order delegated, (Order Source), and the other account is the recipient of the order.  More information is found at
  21. Service Organization Controls Report (SOC Report): Is a confidential document that describes Pruvan's organizational controls related to Services offered.  Audit privileges can be requested under a separate written agreement.
  22. Staff:  A User who is a W2 employee of Client.
  23. Sub-User work assignment: Using the Pruvan Online vendor portal, vendors will be able to default assign work to a single Sub-User, or manually assign work to his/her field Users.
  24. Sub-User:  A User with an assigned role granting or limiting access to the Master-User account and related Pruvan Direct features with an associated Pruvan User ID and Password.  A Sub-User is setup by the Master-User.
  25. Task:  Related to a Project as a unit or description of work to be performed.  A Task typically represents a service line on a Work Order.
  26. Terms of Service:  All Users shall abide by the current Pruvan Terms of Service, located at, any Additional Term and any related terms under a separate written agreement.
  27. User:  An individual or entity that uses the Pruvan Direct Service or related software.  Each User has a unique username and password for authentication associated with a properly configured Pruvan Direct account to access the Services or has access to shared links that do not require authentication.  A related paid subscription fee may be required to fully access all Pruvan Services.
  28. Vendor Portal: A Pruvan Online account, properly configured to accept orders from Order Source, provide for order visibility, photo management (photo upload and download), hosting of Client online forms, and allows for quality assurance and management of the field data collected.
  29. Vendor:  A User who is an independent contractor doing work for Client. May also be referred to as “Contractor,” or “Supplier.”
  30. Work Order: Is typically an order manually entered into Pruvan Online or received from an Order Source, and contains Order Data.  Order Data maps to a Project.  Order Data must have at least one (or more) service lines (things to do) mapped to Task(s).  Each Task may reference a mobile form, also known a Survey.  Each Survey has one or more instructions/questions, each having the ability to manage capture of evidence photos or videos, each labeled with the related question ID as it's evidence type.  If a Task does not have a Survey defined, the Task allows unlimited capture of photographic evidence, with each photo/video labeled with a defined evidence type label, such as "before evidence", "during evidence", or "after evidence" for example.
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