New Survey Pre-release

The Pruvan Survey Manager and Builder have a face lift and Surveys have some new features!  These features are currently in Pre-release and require Pruvan Mobile v3.17 to take surveys created or modified with the new Survey Builder.  Detailed information and updated Survey Guides will be available soon.

New Survey Features


Questions can now be organized in to sections.  Sections can be set up to repeat so that you only have to create a set of questions once.  For instance in a house inspection there can be a section that contains questions related to bedrooms, and that section can be repeated for however many bedrooms are in the house.

New Answer Types

  • Choose One Quantity - This is a choose one answer type that supports quantity and price options that can be predefined, locked in, or editable.
  • Number - The number answer type support decimal places
  • Currency - A number answer type that formats to US currency

New Survey Features for Integrations

New Answer Options

  • Default Answers - Default answers can be set for questions that will be pre-selected when the survey is taken
  • Answer Validation - Answers can be validated against a pre-defined value.  When the given answer is different a message can be displayed

Dynamic Surveys

Surveys can now be sent directly to Pruvan from an integration over the work order feed.  This will allow you to dynamically create surveys without having to manually create them in Pruvan first.

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    Milton Ramirez

    I'd love the app, but still need more video training

  • Avatar
    Clayton Maddux

    Hey Milton! We love the idea. We are always trying to add more training videos to the Pruvan Support Center!

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    I want to use this as an app that will attract Property Managers and Owners to take a proactive approach concerning the existing condition of the roof systems that protect their their realistate assets.