Cyprexx Integration is Down for Scheduled Maintenance - Resolved

15 January 2017 - 1444 CST

The Cyprexx integration is back online and photos will begin relaying again.  If you have failures, please retry them now.

14 January 2017 - 1124 CST

The Cyprexx integration is currently down for scheduled maintenance.  You will see errors when attempting to refresh your work orders, validate your integration, or relay photos.  We have started queuing relays so that they will not keep failing.  If your photos have already failed with an error (ie HTTP 500) then retry them so that they will queue up again.  If your photos are in processing then they will relay once the integration is back online.  

Please continue taking photos on your Cyprexx projects in Pruvan and they can be republished when the integration is back up and running. Cyprexx work order not in Pruvan? You can manually create the projects in your Pruvan account and any photos taken on the projects can me moved and republished later. Please read more about our Plan B here.

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