New Release Available! Pruvan v3.17

26 February 2017 - 2200 CST

Upgrade complete, 3.17 is now live!

20 February 2017 - 1100 CST

Pruvan will be offline on scheduled maintenance for the upgrade to v3.17 on Sunday February 26th at 2000 CST.  This should not last longer than 4 hours.  Be sure to check out the Plan B article if this may interrupt your work.

4 January 2017 - 1700 CST

Pruvan Online

Released - 27 February 2017

  • Usage Based Pricing - There's a new subscription available for those who have a low volume of projects to work on.  This plan charges by the project instead of by device.
  • New Mobile Configuration Option - A new option is available:  enable_video allows you to disable the video mode in Pruvan Mobile.
  • Google and Facebook Single Sign On - Single sign on will be available for new accounts and current accounts using their google / facebook email as their username.

Pre-Release Features:

  • Survey Sections - Questions can now be grouped together in to sections.  This will allow for more control over, and less errors with, answer triggers.  Sections can also be set up to repeat so that you only have to create a set of questions once.
  • New Survey Answer Types - A few new answer types are available for surveys such as quantity, number, and currency.
  • Fill Out a PDF Form Using a Survey - This tool will let you map your survey questions to form fields in a PDF.

Send in a Support Request to try out pre-release features!

Pruvan Mobile

Pre-release - 27 February 2017

  • Video - Tap a button and take videos instead of pictures!  Videos can be up to 15 seconds long and record audio, all while keeping a low file size.
  • Surveys- Pruvan Mobile 3.17 will fully support the new survey features introduced in Pruvan Online, such as sections and the new answer types.

Get 3.17 Mobile now!  Join the test group:

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